Free things to do in Nashville


Nashville is well-known as a music record station and guest purpose, its biggest business is health care. More than 300 healthcare companies are there,  including  Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), the world’s largest private operator of hospitals. Starting in 2012, it is resolved the wellness care industry gives US$30 billion every year and 200,000 occupations to the Nashville-zone administration. There are much of free or reasonable activities in Nashville, but not each of them is meriting seeing.

Visitors to have a lot of free activities in Nashville that we discuss below

1. Free Music on Honky Tonk Highway


Holding some music is a necessity while you are in the music city. Following all, live music is offering every day of time. That means you can drive down upper Broadway or lower Broadway, Recognized as the honky-tonk Expressway and create a live music venue. If could be a restaurant, salon or bar with a dance floor at any time of the day. Honky tonk central, ole red Nashville and a good time bar these are some popular venues on hoky tonk highway

2. Attend the midnight Jamboree


Behold a radio program in reaction before it goes on the air. On every Saturday night at 10.00pm they offering free tickets for the taping of midnite jamboree. In musical visitors plan up and down performers to celebrities who have sung at the good ole opry.

3. Parthenon at centennial park


Parthenon is an attractive structure in the center of a city park in Nashville. It was build to Honour Nashville’s centennial celebration and houses an artwork museum, and it is free to explore the outside of the Parthenon with its Towers and nearby figures. A free education and crafts weekly programs are available in kidsville on Saturday. If you have kids, have to use this opportunity  to see inside the Parthenon for free

4. Nashville Library Story Times


Nashville Library Has a Wonderful main office with children’s theater that contains puppet shows and story time on weekly Four days for Tuesday to Fridays. The online children’s theater schedule is most useful for gathering more information and programming with age references for every show. In Tuesday and Wednesday 9.30 to 10.30 am and 11.30am is a story time and puppet show is most Fridays, Saturday at 10.30 am and 11.30 am.

5. The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar


For a pleasant evening of audience Demands and caption over to the Big Bang where improvisational Dueling pianos are the foremost draw. You can gain anything from Billy Joel and Beatles to Beyonce and depend on something Crowd is in the mood for. It was free for Thursday nights

6. Nashville Farmers Market


Located in north Nashville, this is another great place that the whole family will enjoy visiting.the market is open every day, With a variety of special events happening throughout the week. Be sure to check their calendar for community celebrations, cooking classes, or the   Market. Night market takes place on the third Friday of every month, Offering live music, Family activities, food trucks, and adult beverages. Admission is free, so anything you spend on food or drinks is up to you. The market house restaurants and shops offer everything from Chinese, to bbq, to Jamaican fare. It’s a fun, affordable place to taste from around the world

7. Yoga in the centennial park


Every Tuesday during the summer, Nashville offers a great way for your group to get some exercise in the fresh air. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the Kali Yuga studio hosts Yoga in the park, a free event that teaches basic yoga poses to anyone who wishes to join in. Fans of yoga may participate regardless of level- all that’s required is a yoga mat. After the hour, your group can complete the evening outdoors by participating in a game volleyball at the nearby sand volleyball

The advantage of Nashville is the low cost of living, very low taxes, and a variety of things to do. it is one of the best tourist place and safest place to visit. Visitors have lots of free activities in Nashville, especially for older individuals and fun activities for kids, don’t miss the must-visit places and enjoy your vacation in this beautiful city.